Monday, June 1, 2009

Biking Outside the Box

photo credit: reuters

I found this photo essay recently and thought the message was really clear. Bicycles rule. But they're not just for recreation. As our economy - and with it, the predominant car-culture in America - is being brought to it's knees, we might be smart to take a look at the way people do business in other parts of the world. Flipping through this essay prepare to see more incredible photos of folks in far off places accomplishing impressive feats. Some of the pictures even include donkeys.

Unrelated update: I bought a bike, yessir. The search finally came to an end. She's a Jamis Quest road bike made of steel, baby. Thanks Sports Basement! Also, we're moving along with a great Ride 350 logo. Many thanks to Julie Dery in Portland Oregon for her continued hard work to that end. And finally, there is possible training ride this weekend, leaning towards Saturday morning, June 6th. Stay tuned....

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