Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Science [?] On Endurance Training

Oliver thinking to himself, "If only I'd known...."

Thanks to Ride 350 friend Seth, we now have reason to believe that training for our adventure down the California coast won't necessarily mean slaving over the handlebars for hours on end. We all like bike riding, and endurance training is going to be instrumental to our team's success, but according to a recent article in to the New York Times Health section, improving endurance might be easier than we think. According to the article, a professor at McMaster University in Canada studied the effects of two distinctly different types of exercise on a group of healthy college students. After two weeks of experiments, the group who had ridden a stationary bike "intensely" for 6 minutes (not a typo) a week showed endurance improvement equal to those who had spent up to 5 hours on the saddle. Scientific proof that the guy you see at the gym who's physically assaulting the rowing machine - then hitting the sauna - in the same amount of time it takes you to tie your shoes, is actually on to something. Interesting stuff indeed.

In light of this new scientific evidence, the next Ride 350 training ride will take place on Thursday July 9th. Find the route here or just take a look down the length of it:

Now, back on the bike!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Welcome Our New Team Member!

While the Ride 350 team continues to debate the merits, discomforts, and potential societal implications of adorning ourselves in traditional bike riding gear, this guy has his mind made up. His sport of choice is badminton. But that doesn't mean he won't blow by you on the way up Hawk Hill while your cotton/poly blend lacross shorts are flapping in the breeze. After all, he's from Marin, and Marinites love them some Lycra.

Behold the power of really, really tight fitting apparel.

Welcome Eagle to the Ride 350 family!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

October 24th: Animated

Watch the new 350.org animation on the International Day of Action here:


[and note the oh-so-flattering reference to bicycling action in San Francisco!]

Share this with your friends. It's a great way to build momentum worldwide for this important day.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bicycle Music Festival in SF This Weekend!

This Saturday, ride your bike to the 3rd Annual Bicycle Music Festival in - and around - San Francisco. And while you're there, spread the 350 word why don'tcha! The all pedal-powered excitement starts at 9:30 am in Golden Gate park, and will be roving across the city as the day goes on. There will even be a bike rapper named Fossil Fool.

That's gangster!

Thanks to Jeff B., one of the event organizers and a recent Ride 350 enthusiast, for passing this on.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Taking spandex out of the equation.

Just wanted to clue everyone in to an interesting inspiration for riding this weekend: the World Naked Bike Ride. An annual tradition since 2004, WNBR was originally focused on "protesting against oil dependency and celebrating the power and individuality of the human body." The message has since been simplified to focus on cycling advocacy - which, I believe, puts us in the same boat as them, or them in the same boat as us. How's it feel to be in a boat with this guy?


Individually organized events will happen around the world (including SF, NY, Seattle and Portland), and it's pretty damn amazing what these folks have come up with - and the press coverage they've garnered. Inspiring? Definitely. Entertaining? For sure. Nuts? Lots.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

350.org in Bonn, Grist magazine

The folks at 350.org and the work that they're doing (that we're ALL doing) was featured today in Grist magazine.
These human marshmallows were in Bonn, Germany to rabble rouse around the latest round of talks leading up to the December meeting of the UNFCCC. As of late last week, over 1000 actions in alliance with 350.org have been planned worldwide for October 24th, 2009.
And counting.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Urban Training Ride

Here's a (fuzzy) photo from today's beautiful urban training ride in sunny San Francisco. This picture was taken along the sea wall at Ocean beach; many thanks to the nice German tourist who snapped the shot. That's Adam and the trusty steed. She's fast, let me tell you.

Breakfast of Champions

We all know that before you get out there to train for Ride 350, it's really important to eat a hearty breakfast. Thanks to Judy Witters of Norwich VT, Lily and Adam now power up their mornings with Dutch Baby, a Witters family favorite. Nothing like a small mountain of powdered sugar to get the legs moving.

Recipe for Dutch Baby:

Preheat oven to 425 degrees
Once hot, put a 10" cast iron fry pan in and get 'er warmed up

In a small bowl mix
4 eggs
1 cup flour
1 cup milk
and "whirr" until smooth

Melt 1/3 stick butter in the cast iron
Once butter is fully melted, and turning brown, add Dutch Baby batter
Cook for 20 minutes or until the thing looks like it's going fly away (see photo)

Enjoy with fresh lemon juice, powdered sugar, and seasonal fruit.
And bacon.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Training" Ride Sunday June 7th!

YO! This training ride is going to be the best one yet! While I hope that none of you SF dwellers are on the internets right now, I do hope that a bunch of you will join me on Sunday. The intent of this ride is to get more people out, to enjoy the day, enjoy this beautiful city, and celebrate the momentum we have going for Ride 350. No lycra needed (sorry Ben, but they wouldn't serve us at Zeitgeist if we showed up spandexed).

Hasta Manana!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Biking Outside the Box

photo credit: reuters

I found this photo essay recently and thought the message was really clear. Bicycles rule. But they're not just for recreation. As our economy - and with it, the predominant car-culture in America - is being brought to it's knees, we might be smart to take a look at the way people do business in other parts of the world. Flipping through this essay prepare to see more incredible photos of folks in far off places accomplishing impressive feats. Some of the pictures even include donkeys.

Unrelated update: I bought a bike, yessir. The search finally came to an end. She's a Jamis Quest road bike made of steel, baby. Thanks Sports Basement! Also, we're moving along with a great Ride 350 logo. Many thanks to Julie Dery in Portland Oregon for her continued hard work to that end. And finally, there is possible training ride this weekend, leaning towards Saturday morning, June 6th. Stay tuned....