Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This Just in From Brazil: Biking is Best

Found on Treehugger today: A group of transportation enthusiasts in Sao Paolo, Brazil studied various ways to get around that notoriously congested city by conducting an "Intermodal" experiment. Just how congested is Sao Paolo? (Hint: the city is home to more private helicopters than any other city in the world)

The graph at left shows that bicycling is not only the fastest way to get from point A to B (approx. 6 miles), but bicycling also has the smallest CO2 footprint.

Which makes the "health benefit" argument, well, superfluous.

Just for fun, watch the video of Bicycle vs. Helicopter below. That Brazilian biking music makes me pedal in my desk chair.

You can read the entire article HERE


Adam said...

Nst Nst Nst

sustainablejeff said...

Shouldn't he have lights?

Anonymous said...

...but it's only 10 km. That's madness! Who bothers to take a helicopter only 10 km? Try the challenge at a distance of 30 km (more realistic, isn't it?) and the cyclist has no chance.

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