Friday, September 4, 2009

Renewable Choice Energy Sponsors Ride350!

The Ride350 Team is, admittedly, not a carbon neutral bunch. That is why we are very thankful to have the carbon emissions associated with our week long edu-venture offset by the fine folks at Renewable Choice Energy.

We have purchased verified emission reductions (VERs) also known as carbon offsets, from RCE, in order to balance the emissions from our support van and from team members flying out for the event. Renewable energy credits are not the answer to global warming but they are a conscious step in the right direction.

According to RCE, "(purchasing) carbon offsets provide(s) economic support to make carbon projects more financially viable. A carbon offset is a reduction of one metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent. It ensures greenhouse gases, or GHGs, are being removed from the atmosphere or prevented from entering it."

For more information on carbon offsets or Renewable Choice, visit their website.

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