Friday, September 24, 2010

Our 2010 Sponsors

Now that the ride is over and we have some time to catch up with our lives, I wanted to give a big shout out to our 2010 sponsors.

Clif Bar:

Clif Bar donated bars and shots to keep us fueled throughout our journey. We love Clif Bar because we like their food, they are local, and they have a clear dedication to sustainability. They live according to five aspirations - sustaining our planet, sustaining our community, sustaining our people, sustaining our business, sustaining our brands. See the triple bottom line and then some in there? We also like them because they source (mostly) organic ingredients and support organic agriculture, they engage with the people in all aspects of their supply chain, and they encourage volunteer service. Thanks Clif Bar!

3Degrees Inc:

3Degrees donated 5 times the offsets needed for our trip's carbon footprint, almost completely comprised of our support van. Our friends at 3Degrees helped us calculate the total footprint (close to 1 ton) and then decided to give us 5 tons for good measure. They provide Verified Emission Reductions and Renewable Energy Certificates for their projects all over the world. We decided to have our offsets go towards a local project that is near and dear to our hearts - The Garcia River Conservation-Based Forest Management Project (scroll down if following link) which is a Redwood forest in Mendocino. It is the first large non-profit owned working forest in California. Thanks 3Degrees!

Melons Catering:

Melons provided us with some delicious, grass fed meats for some protein on our journey. They even prepped some of it for us so that we could cook it up nice and easy on the road. Having worked at Melons myself, I know that they have a dedication to reducing the footprint of all of their operations including all compostable food wear and providing their own compost collection for events that are at facilities that lack compost bins. They also emphasize fresh, seasonal ingredients and their food is some of the best in the Bay Area for sure. Thanks Melons!

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